With the granting of an order our general Terms and Conditions are particularly appreciated. Individual agreements, that over these business conditions go out or would divide replace there from, need the writing form. Customer slope order conditions and delivery conditions is contradicted with this. 

Appointment promise for ordered products stands behind the acceptance of a designed running time. Based on several involved carrier businesses and unpredictable incidents, we can receive no liability for delays. We cannot assume any liability for damages that develops from ignorance of the receiver with regard to a correct product acceptance, like qualitative and quantitative inspection of the product and in that of all a claim the compliance of the claim time period. 

All deliveries are carried out at the price-list valid on the day of the dispatch in € plus dispatch and value added tax. Changes of price are any time possible! Also just for some products. 

Among new customers or customers who haven't met agreed credit periods we reserve the right to deliver goods only against cash in advance. Not justifiable cash discounts will get after settled and have to be immediately paid. The valid terms of payment are noted down on the offer note and the invoice and binds. At payment transgression default interest is settled in the height of 5% above the respectively valid discount rate of the ECB. The buyer bears the costs of the collection of delayed payments (reminding expenses, collection expenses, advocate and court costs).

The return of not used goods which are undamaged and not improved must be in writing carried out with reason of the return. There isn't a claim to return of goods delivered correctly generally. If we accept a repurchase in writing, the product can be sent back to us on our coasts. We are entitled to settle 20% of the goods value for the re-storage. The buyer bears all costs which result from the non-compliance of this procedure. 

Retour and change of size:
Delivered goods are usually not taken back with the exception of a legitimate complaint or size allowable size. In general, no soiled, damaged goods or not properly packed goods are taken back by us.
For the right choice of size our body measurement tables are available for determining the sizes. It can also be requested a size set for fitting, but only after already fixed orders. As a result, size sets should be incorporated into the order. If this is not possible or are not original articles for size determination, our sales team can find a cost-coverage solution.
Admissible size change: Goods of special order or finished goods with customer warehouse
For goods made of custom-made goods and processed goods (such as logos, logo or advertising provided goods) is a cost-exchange option only if the customer maintains a customer warehouse for us with this product.
At cost replacement for processing and restocking the goods we charge a flat rate of € 2.50 per piece at least € 6.90 per total return. Transport costs or transport risk of the return shipment are also at the sender's expense. The return shipment has to be made in the original box with a return note (RMA). The returned goods certificate (RMA) can be requested by phone, fax or e-mail at:

If we don't receive a written request for special prices by the customer, they accepts our above flat rate prices without revocation.

Complaints (qualitative)
Complaints must be asserted in writing within 3 days. In principle, goods with Embroideries cannot be queried. We, however, hid faults, if it is a justified, (e.g. bleed a colour), try also at improved goods to negotiate an acceptable solution with our suppliers. In every case no liability cannot for us go beyond the replacement of the product. At all textiles always there is a good chance for easy fluctuations of poor fabric dyeing, size spec, fabric spec., shrinking. Within the tolerances defined by the respective manufacturer clearly such fluctuations aren't a complaint reason. It has to be taken into account that our articles can be laid out the definitions of the sizes differently. No complaint reason is one in comparison with another article or manufacturer for “too big M” or for “too small XL” In the case of doubt, an objective test with goods decides from the same rank will be done.

Reservation of Title: 
All delivered goods remain our property until the complete payment of all demands against the buyer. 

Protection of Data Privacy: 
The buyer agrees, that his data are stored at electronic media. 

We are always strive to provide samples, but we cannot do this for free. We will charge € 275,-- for each style and additional € 50,-- for either print/embroidery/fabric sample in case of non-order.

Preliminary Costing: 
In sample productions with special features - for example embroidery or printing, we settle a unit price of 250 Euros per piece. Without special features we settle a unit price of 200 Euros per piece. This amount is credited obviously in award of contract.

With the sales agreement the buyer confirms the jurisdiction of Germany. 

The contractual partners agree to apply for German law. Does the Consumer in Germany have his place of residence or his habitual residence or he is in Germany employed, only the jurisdiction of the court can be established for an action against him in the district of the place of residence, habitual residence or place of Employment lies; this does not apply to legal disputes that have already arisen. Does the Consumer have his domiciled outside Germany, but within the European Union, the place of jurisdiction is the consumer's place of residence. The UN sales law and all regulation relating to the UN sales law are expressly barred. The place of jurisdiction for contracts with companies is the seller's registered office address.